Frequently Asked Questions: ‘Touchless Delivery’ and ‘Mobile Pickup’

As the COVID-19 crisis has rapidly changed how we all live day-to-day, restaurants across the globe have rapidly responded by providing customers with new ways to order food in a time of ‘social distancing.’

To help our customers navigate these new ordering options, we have answered some common questions below. Have a question that isn’t answered? Ask us in the comments section!

1. What is Touchless Delivery?
Customers who would prefer to have their order left at the door upon delivery can specify that they’d like Touchless Delivery. This option makes it possible for customers to order, pay, tip, and receive their order without any personal interaction if they desire.

2. How do I place a Touchless Delivery order?
Customers simply select the Delivery option, as they usually would. However, once the customer reaches the ‘Your Details‘ section of the checkout process, they should write “Touchless Delivery” in the Instructions field. Our staff will be on the lookout for these orders, and will process them accordingly. Additionally, this field should be used for any special instructions about where exactly to leave the order.

Existing customers will need to click the EDIT icon next to their saved address to access the Instructions field.

3. What is ‘Mobile Pickup’? And how is it different from regular ‘Pickup’?
Most of our customers are familiar with ‘Pickup,’ in which an order is placed, the customer shows up at the counter, pays, receives their order, etc. ‘Mobile Pickup‘ simply removes the interaction at the counter — the customer places a ‘Mobile Pickup‘ order, shows up at the specified pickup time, and grabs their own order (marked with name and order number) off our designated Mobile Pickup shelf.

Please note: Mobile Pickup orders must be paid in advance.

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5 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions: ‘Touchless Delivery’ and ‘Mobile Pickup’

  1. Meanwhile you endanger the safety of all your employees and EMPLOYEES FAMILIES. Covid-19 can live 3 days on hard surfaces and IN THE AIR for 30 minutes before settling. Adults are testing positive with no symptoms. All it takes is one cook to be positive. What are you thinking keeping your doors open? Sales sales sales. See how much you care about your sales when your employees come down with symptoms or members of employees families pass away. All because of sales? Clearly OTTO isn’t taking this seriously enough.

    • They are a small business, we need to support them. They are taking every precaution as the CDC has suggested. As are all the other places doing take out and/or curbside delivery. I have no doubt that if the safety of their employees was compromised they would shut down. Please be kind. In the situation we are in it does nothing to act in anger. We’re all doing the best we can. We need to be caring and support each other. Kindness is crucial.

  2. Where are you writing this from, home? Where are your loved ones? Home? Safe? You know where my loved ones is. Unwillingly serving those that don’t understand the danger of Covid-19, putting their life, my life, my children’s life, my parents life, their parents lives in danger for what? You’re right we do need to be caring for everyone. By keeping businesses open especially restaurants where transmission can occur so easily that’s not caring. It’s astonishing how unaware people are. When Trump orders a shelter in place or the numbers of infections keep skyrocketing in MA, deaths keep happening, then maybe you’ll get the picture.

  3. Hi – FYI, Otto Rewards coupons aren’t presently set up to work with Mobile Pickup. When you attempt to enter your (valid) code while Mobile Pickup is selected, it gives you an incorrect error message that says you haven’t completed the requirements for the reward.

    The general feedback survey didn’t seem like a good place for that information to be noticed and acted upon, so I thought I’d put it here.

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