Boston’s ‘Chronicle’ Showcases OTTO’s Coolidge Corner Location

Chronicle, the long-running Boston newsmagazine featured OTTO last night in its showcase of several new choices in the Boston restaurant scene.

OTTO was featured alongside Empire, City Landing, 75 On Liberty Wharf, and others. Chronicle host Shayna Seymour and her crew spent some time at the Coolidge Corner OTTO, speaking with co-owners Mike Keon and Anthony Allen, and sampling some of our signature pies.

If you missed the show’s original airing, you can view the OTTO segment here (sorry, no embedded video available yet).

(Note: The OTTO segment begins at the 2:12 mark — following the segment on Prime Roast Beef & Seafood)

Pizza In Music: From The Classics to The Inexplicable

Perhaps more than any other food item, pizza has found its way into they lyrics of countless songs. Sometimes, pizza serves to elicit a sensory response — to bring a setting to life. In this way, pizza is poetry. Other times, pizza serves as the entire reason for the song’s existence. (Some bands really, really like pizza.)

Whether it’s an elegant staple of Italian dining, or a raucous celebration of everyone’s favorite party food, the consensus is unanimous: pizza is awesome.

We have selected a wide array of pizza songs for your your enjoyment. A few of these are transcendent. One or two of them will never be forgotten. And several of them are simply inexplicable.

Feel free to add your entries in the comments section.

“That’s Amore” – Dean Martin

“The Pizza Song” – Bouncing Souls

“Eat To The Beat” – Blondie

“Pizza Day” – Jonathan Coulton

“Pizza Pie” – System of a Down

“Krusty Krab Pizza” – SpongeBob SquarePants

“Pizza Nif” – Horse The Band

“Pizza Song” – Brak (Space Ghost)

“Pizza Girl” – Jonas Brothers

“Imagine (There’s No Pizza)” – Herman Cain

“Gimme Pizza” – Olsen Twins

In Case You Missed It: OTTO on The Phantom Gourmet

This weekend, The Phantom Gourmet re-aired their segment on OTTO Pizza. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, we’ve got you covered.

The segment was filmed in July at our Coolidge Corner location, and features OTTO co-founders Mike Keon and Anthony Allen, who dish out some pizza secrets, including the origin story for our beloved Butternut Squash, Ricotta and Cranberry pie.

WARNING: The footage is ridiculously hunger-inducing.


10 Classic Movie Scenes Involving Pizza

Pizza is such a staple of popular culture, it doesn’t take long to recall unforgettable movie scenes involving our favorite food. Perhaps it’s pizza’s portability, it’s communal nature, or it’s rich tradition that makes it such a great choice in cinema. It’s certainly one of the most photogenic of foods. (OTTO pizza, we have noticed, is photographed at alarming rates).

While this is not even close to an exhaustive list, we’ve compiled some great scenes involving pizza. We hope you’ll chime in with your favorites.

10. Back II The Future Part II – ‘Hydrated Pizza’
Hopefully this technology never sees the light of day:

9. Rock ‘n’ Roll High School – ‘No Pizza For Joey’
Dee Dee loves him some pizza:

8. Home Alone ‘Pizza Guy’
Leave it on the doorstep:

7. Talladega Nights ‘Pizza Delivery’
I won’t let it happen again:

6. Wayne’s World – ‘Product Placement’
I won’t bow to any sponsor:

5. Eat, Pray, Love – ‘Pizza Margherita in Napoli’
I’m having a relationship with my pizza:

4. Saturday Night Fever – ‘Struttin’ and Eatin”
You can tell by the way he walks:

3. Spider-Man 2 – ‘Pizza Delivery’
Joe’s 29-minute guarantee:

2. Crazy, Stupid, Love – ‘Ryan Gosling Eats Pizza’
Ryan Gosling and pizza, together at last:

1. Fast Times at Ridgemont High – ‘Right Here, Dude’
Learnin’ about Cuba, havin’ some food:

What are your favorite pizza-related scenes? Let us know in the comments.