OTTO South Boston’s ‘Tips for Kids’ program raises funds for local children’s organizations

Giving back has always been part of OTTO’s DNA since day one. When OTTO’s newest licensed unit located in the heart of Southie (416 W Broadway) opened, the business model was designed to pay above average wages so that all tips could be donated to local youth-focused charities.

As a result, OTTO Southie was able to write a check for $17,488 to the South Boston Community Health Center’s Youth Ambassadors Program (YAP), a South Boston resource for teens to explore the realms of health, art, and community service.

In late August, $29,000 in tips was donated to the Condon Community Center, which brings the total donated in 2021 through the Tips For Kids program to $46,488.

OTTO Southie will be featuring a different organization each quarter.

We owe a ton of thanks to the OTTO Southie staff and the generosity of our customers for making these donations possible. We know that, now more than ever, charities and community organizations need additional support to continue offering the services they provide. We’re grateful that OTTO Southie has been in a position to help, and we hope to continue this tradition through 2021 and beyond.

Condon Community Center
Southern Boston Community Health Center’s Young Ambassador Program