And the Winners of the OTTO Rocks! Record Cover Mash-up Contest are…

In early May, we invited you to salute OTTO’s 4th birthday (June 18) by submitting your own OTTO-themed record cover mash-ups on our Facebook timeline.

We promised to choose our three favorite entries on June 18 and award the following prizes:

1st place: $100 OTTO gift card & an OTTO T-shirt
2nd place: $25 OTTO gift card & an OTTO T-shirt
3rd place: 5 ‘free slice’ cards & an OTTO T-shirt

When we started the contest, we never could have imagined the level of creativity, wit, and talent that we would witness.  The submissions were comprised of mashups from a variety of genres stretching across several decades. Some covers we expected to see, some we never could have predicted.

It was not easy to narrow the entries down to three winners, and it was quite a task to choose the best of that bunch.  There were a dozen or so that were quite worthy of the top three slots.

Without further ado, we present the winners of the OTTO Rocks! contest.

First Place: Colby Knight
Colby’s take on Herb Alpert’s cheeky “Whipped Cream And Other Delights” hit all the right notes. The vintage aesthetic and font work, combined with the cheesy sensuality (groan), make this one as hard to resist as a warm dollop of ricotta.

Colby will be receiving a $100 OTTO gift card, and an OTTO t-shirt.

Here’s Colby’s version, and the original:

herb realherb

Second Place: Angie Grosso
Angie took Notorious BIG’s iconic hip hop cover art and title, and turned it on its head. Through a few simple tweaks, this young man’s bleak destiny is transformed into one of hope and, well, a lifetime of delicious pie.  Heck, we’ll hire him as soon as he gets his work permit.

Angie wins a $25 OTTO gift card and an OTTO t-shirt.

Here’s Angie’s version, and the original:


Third Place: Mark Viens
Mark’s take on Smashing Pumpkins’ “Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness” is a beautifully updated, OTTO-fied version of an already beautiful record cover. We were impressed by the seamless incorporation of a variety of signature OTTO slices, a nod to our abundant array of pizza ingredients, and acknowledgment of OTTO’s growing constellation of communities.

Mark wins 5 ‘free slice’ cards & an OTTO T-shirt.

Here’s Mark’s submission, and the original:


Congratulations to our three finalists.

We had so many wonderful submissions, we urge you to take a look at the entire gallery.

Thanks to everyone who shared their creations with us. We truly love them all.