OTTO To Deliver 5,000 Slices Of Pizza To NY Residents Affected By Hurricane

Upon seeing the images of damaged homes and businesses in New York in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, OTTO co-owners Anthony Allen and Mike Keon made a decision to do what they could do to help.
otto delivery to nyc

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, OTTO employees will begin cranking out over 600 pizzas from multiple shops to be transported directly to New York City. The OTTO crew will also be hauling water and other essentials, along with a mobile kitchen to aid in the preparation and serving of approximately 5,000 hot slices of pizza.

While we at OTTO realize that hot pizza only goes so far in helping those in need, we believe in looking out for each other, and in doing what we can to aid our neighbors.

OTTO co-owner Anthony Allen stated, “We heard and saw that New Yorkers were in dire straits, and hungry to boot. We can’t rebuild houses but we can, at least, feed a few thousand people some hot pizza. That’s why we’re doing it: because we can.”

Updates will be posted to OTTO’s Twitter and Facebook feeds along the way so that followers can help direct area residents to us as we close in on a precise location.