A New Year brings a new app and changes to digital ordering

Throughout January, OTTO locations will be migrating to a new ordering system – including new web ordering and a new mobile app. Locations will be migrating in stages throughout January. 

Once complete, we will be rolling out new features over the next few months that will improve the overall customer experience, as well as providing operational efficiencies for our team members.

Our teams will be working hard to ensure a smooth transition, but it is possible that you may experience some minor turbulence.  We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this transition period.

What does this mean for me?
If you typically place your order digitally, and/or if you are a Rewards member, your account password will not migrate over to the new system. But never fear. See below for details on how to ensure the transfer of key account information.

Ordering Online
Once your location has migrated to the new system, you will notice that the ordering page has a different look and feel. You will not be able to log in with your previous password. On the new ordering page (order.ottoportland.com) click ‘Sign In/Sign Up’ on the upper right side of the page, click ‘Create Account’ and set up a new account using the email address associated with your ‘old’ account.

Your past order history not transfer to your new account, so you’ll be starting fresh. Any orders placed from this point on will be added to the ‘Order History’ tab, and will be available for quick re-order.

If you typically store credit/debit card info on your account, you will need to re-add these to your new account. You can add multiple payment options in the new ‘Manage Cards’ tab.

We apologize for these inconveniences.

OTTO Rewards Members
Existing Rewards members’ points balance and coupons will transfer to your new account, as long as your previous account’s phone number is used when setting up your new account.

OTTO Mobile App
The OTTO mobile app was just updated on Jan. 20. If you have downloaded the app prior to that date, you will need to update the app, or download again. (If you open the app and are not able to order, you are likely viewing the ‘old’ app and will need to download the updated version.

As mentioned above under ‘Ordering Online,’ if this is the first time you have signed in to the new platform, you will need to create a new account. Please see ‘Ordering Online’ above for details.

As always, the OTTO Mobile App can be found on the Apple App Store and on Google Play (for Android devices). Just search “OTTO Pizza.”

Gift Cards
Any OTTO gift card, regardless of when it was purchased, will be redeemable at any OTTO location post-migration. NOTE: Gift cards redemption is currently (and temporarily) not available on the mobile app…stay tuned.

Should you run into any issues activating an e-gift (email) gift card, or locating a previously ‘saved’ gift card during this time, please reach out to us at contactus@ottoportland.com with a brief description of your issue, along with details (date ordered, physical or digital card, email address or phone number associated with the account, etc.) and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What if I run into other issues during this transitional period? 
We will be standing by to assist you with any problems you encounter during this transition. If you need assistance, please email contactus@ottoportland.com with a brief description of your issue, including any account details (email, phone number, etc.). We’ll do our very best to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thanks for your patience. We really appreciate it.

19 thoughts on “A New Year brings a new app and changes to digital ordering

  1. Can’t make a new account to order on line delivery! Don’t have a mobile phone number to give in order to make a new account!! Only have a land line that you already have on file! This is not working at all so we will not be able to order!

  2. There is a bug in a lunch box app that you’re now using. If you have a PO box for your billing address, it won’t let you enter it in through the mobile page. It defaults to a Google autofill address box, which requires a physical address.

  3. Just updated the app on my phone. The new version doesn’t fit on the screen properly in portrait orientation (some important options are inaccessible) and doesn’t adjust to landscape orientation. The developers still have some work to do!

  4. Can’t order online. Have tried three times after setting up new account. No one answers phone at establishment. Will go elsewhere.

  5. Terrible app. Creating a new account is next to impossible with fields and pop up keyboard on iPhone. Pretty sure I also created 2 accounts unintentionally. Seriously, someone should have given this a test drive before launching…

  6. Loaded several gift cards and they did not transfer to new account. Didn’t save the physical cards because they were already loaded to my account. Big issue. Lost $110 worth of gift cards!!! How can you rectify this situation???!?? Not ok.

  7. Not able to create new account. Tells me account exists already but I can’t log in. Tried to reset password multiple times but never received email. It should not be this difficult!

  8. I have tried, and tried, to set up a new account, and the digital platform refuses to accept the registration. Back to ordering the old fashioned way: calling.

  9. Don’t have a phone with internet so no apps. Can’t call in an order. What’s the point. Can’t order something as I’m finishing work to pick up on my way home. Now I have to look around again and find someone who makes great pizza. Good bye Otto’s. Perhaps sometime when I have time to go sit in a restaurant I might be able to visit you again.

  10. Wow .. This new ordering system make me want to find another place to get pizza.

    Somehow i was granted a $10 reward, added it to my card, made a single digit mistake in my credit card, and the $10 reward vanished.

    Talk about DEMOTIVATING .. What a piece of garbage.

    Who do you value more .. your customers or your contract with this POS order system vendor? You need to look at the comments above and decide.

  11. Your online site says you’re open 11 to 9. That’s not true ! On Saturdays you don’t open until 4. We had made plans to have lunch at ottos. Guess what , didn’t happen. Ended up at brunos pizza in bath. Omg it was the best pizza I’ve ever had. Thanks for the false advertising..

  12. Hi I really love the pizza that you make, but your new ordering system is really a terrible experience. I have yet to be able to make an order through the new system. I have tried on my phone and laptop, but continue to get an error that the app is unable to determine that the pricing for the order is correct.

    This is the second night that I have tried to make an order through the new system. I have given up and ordered from Stoked Pizza Company in Cambridge. Hope this gets fixed soon.

  13. Did anyone actually try out the instructions for creating a new account before steering your customers wrong? Agree with comments above. What a piece of garbage your new ordering system is! You charge A LOT for your pizza, and now, on top of that, you can’t even afford to create a decent ordering experience for your customers? I don’t think you deserve my business any longer.

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