OTTO Yarmouth is moving!

If you’ve driven on US-1 in Yarmouth, you’ve likely seen the sign. It’s kinda hard to miss.

After 6+ years at our Main St. location, we will be closing the doors and re-opening just down the road at 305 US-1 (the former Maine Coffee Roasters location).

Just a stone’s throw from Yarmouth High and North Yarmouth Academy, OTTO Yarmouth will be providing counter service, takeout, and delivery initially, with a dining room opening in the next few months (along with beer and wine!). On-site parking is also available.

Customers will be pleased to know that our phone number, and our online ordering link will not change with this move, as these will follow us to our new home. Our delivery radius will also remain unchanged.

As with any move, restaurant or otherwise, there are several moving parts, so we can’t yet share our final date for our Main Street location, or the opening date of the new US-1 location, we will be sharing more information as we get closer, and will continue to provide updates as we go!

Stay tuned! We look forward to seeing your smiling faces at 305 US-1 in Yarmouth.

2 thoughts on “OTTO Yarmouth is moving!

  1. I hope the new location has better broadband connections. When I order with the app at any other location, no issues. When I order from the app (iOS) from Yarmouth, I have a really hard time getting to the ordering phase-just spinning icons and long waits or IP timeouts. Sometimes I give up and call the order in -so 1990’s……..
    It has got to be something that is Yarmouth specific since there is instantaneous access to ordering for Newburyport, Read St, or John Roberts Road locations in the past.

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