Get Your Pizza Faster with the New and Improved OTTO App

If you already use the OTTO App, you’ve probably noticed things look a bit different lately. If you’ve never used it before – you’re in luck. We’ve improved our app for an all around better customer experience so you can get your favorite pizzas faster and easier than ever.

  • Easier and faster ordering! Select your go-to OTTO location and it will be saved as “My Store”. Re-order your favorites by using your order history for quick and easy ordering.
  • Track your order using our improved order tracking.
  • Join OTTO rewards! Already a member? You can check your points status and redeem earned coupons directly through the app.
  • Buy and send gift cards, or store an existing gift card to use on your next order.
  • On the road? Find the OTTO nearest you using our store locator.

Watch the short video below to see our new app in action.

2 thoughts on “Get Your Pizza Faster with the New and Improved OTTO App

  1. With the rapid development of internet technology, it seems now everything is possible to get sitting at home. It’s really wondering and super pleasant too. Even in this worst covid-19 situation, online has ridden on its top notch level. Happy to see that Otto is not out of the trend. The improve app update is indeed a great news for the home service fans and lovers. It would be a great pleasure if this order service would be available outside Boston. BY the way, what is the refund system if delivery is failed or cancelled? Is their any order management system software integrated in the app to refund the money instantly. Thanks in advance for the reply.

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