Update: Feeding the Frontline Workers

We cannot thank our customers, communities and folks who have supported this initiative enough. This campaign has been a great demonstration on how communities hold each other up and work together during uncertain times.

Through the support of our OTTO community, we’ve provided:

  • Meals to over 50 frontline facilities
  • Thousands of pizzas delivered
  • Over $40,000 in food and beverages
  • Nourishment for hundreds of frontline workers including hospital employees, community health center employees, first responders, and homeless/teen center staff to name a few

If you’re interested in supporting our Feeding the Frontline campaign, click here to contribute. We’ve also added a contribution option to our online ordering pages. You can now order a meal and contribute to Feed the Frontline in the same transaction!

Please note: From time to time, we run into a situation where a hospital or healthcare facility is unable to accept a donation. In those circumstances, we direct food donations to other facilities being impacted by COVID-19, such as homeless shelters and food banks.

2 thoughts on “Update: Feeding the Frontline Workers

  1. Thank you Ottos in your Feeding the Frontline Campaign. I have a niece working the front lines in a hospital and a son-in-law working at our Cumberland County Jail. Both who deserve all the praise we can give them for fighting this coronavirus along with so many others working in public service. Thank you to all taking part in this initiative.

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