Now offering touchless delivery & new pickup options

As we all continue to adapt to life during the COVID-19 crisis, we at OTTO are committed to serving our customers in the safest ways possible — abiding by CDC guidelines and following the advice of local, state, and federal authorities. 

In addition to the precautionary steps taken last week to keep staff and customers safe and healthy, we have implemented the following to make it easier to get your OTTO in this time of social distancing:

  • Touchless Delivery:
    • Place your order, pay, tip, and receive your food — no contact! — when you place your order on, via the OTTO app, or by phone.
  • Mobile Pickup:
    • Order ahead, grab your order, and go!  Skip the wait. 
  • Delivery Fees Waived 
    • No delivery fees on orders made through, the OTTO app, or via phone through April 6
  • Double Rewards Points on every purchase through April 6.

[Please scroll down for an FAQ about the two new order options.]

We are also partnering with 3rd party delivery services (UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash) to support our non-delivery units.  (3rd party fees may apply)

Please note that our dining rooms will be temporarily closed starting Tuesday, Mar. 17, but all units remain open to support counter service and pickup options.

We look forward to providing you with safe and nourishing dining options during this challenging time.

Be well!


FAQ: New Order Options

1. What is Touchless Delivery?
Customers who would prefer to have their order left at the door upon delivery can specify that they’d like Touchless Delivery. This option makes it possible for customers to order, pay, tip, and receive their order without any personal interaction if they desire.

2. How do I place a Touchless Delivery order?
Customers simply select the Delivery option, as they usually would. However, once the customer reaches the ‘Your Details‘ section of the checkout process, they should write “Touchless Delivery” in the Instructions field. Our staff will be on the lookout for these orders, and will process them accordingly. Additionally, this field should be used for any special instructions about where exactly to leave the order.
Existing customers will need to click the EDIT icon next to their saved address to access the Instructions field.

3. What is ‘Mobile Pickup’? And how is it different from regular ‘Pickup’?
Most of our customers are familiar with ‘Pickup,’ in which an order is placed, the customer shows up at the counter, pays, receives their order, etc. ‘Mobile Pickup‘ simply removes the interaction at the counter — the customer places a ‘Mobile Pickup‘ order, shows up at the specified pickup time, and grabs their own order (marked with name and order number) off our designated Mobile Pickup shelf.
Please note: Mobile Pickup orders must be paid in advance.

6 thoughts on “Now offering touchless delivery & new pickup options

  1. Do food preparers wear gloves when cooking? How often is this checked by management? Does Otto have paid sick leave?

    • Hi William,
      All employees wear gloves when preparing raw proteins and ready-to-eat foods like salads. Pizzas come out of a 500-degree oven on sterile pizza paddles and then are boxed. No hands touch the pizza once it enter the oven. Our staff has been fully educated on COVID-19 risks and best practices, and management is holding staff accountable for meeting and exceeding all local, state, and federal guidelines, as well as recently-implemented additional precautionary measures we have taken. All full-time employees are eligible for sick leave, and per MA law, all employees are eligible for sick leave. Our employees are required to follow their respective state’s Illness Reporting Guidelines. Please visit our post about the additional steps we have taken since the COVID-19 crisis:

      We hope that this helps to answer your questions. We are committed to ensuring safe and sanitary environments for both our employees and our customers during this challenging time.

      • excellent, will be ordering my favorite after the corn beef and cabbage tonight (dont even go there)

  2. I just tried your online delivery ordering but it doesn’t recognize our street (Everett St in Arlington, MA), so I wasn’t able to complete it. It gave me options for Everett St in all kinds of other towns, but not Arlington (about a quarter mile from the store location). Possibly a bug?

  3. Are the employees in the kitchen areas all wearing masks as they would not be able to social distance from each other?

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