Gluten-free pizza just got a whole lot more delicious

DSC_5216.jpgSince 2009, OTTO has strived to elevate the pizza experience. It starts with the ingredients — high quality, local when possible, and the toppings — creative and comforting. For years our crust has been winning over pizza aficionados everywhere. While we’ve been making our own dough daily for quite some time, we’ve historically sourced our gluten-free dough from others.

While our gluten-free pies have received high praise, we concluded that the only way to truly do it right was to make our own. We’re proud to introduce our very own gluten-free dough. It bakes thin and crispy, and tastes like real pizza crust. We love it.

OTTO’s new gluten free dough is now available at any location — in-house, takeout, or delivery.

Our new gluten-free dough is made in our very own bakery, in its own gluten-free room, and is continuously tested to ensure it exceeds FDA requirements for gluten-free labeling.

OTTO’s new gluten-free dough is vegan, and contains no GMOs, no gums, and no nuts or tree nuts.

Ingredients: rice flour, potato, millet, tapioca, plant fiber, cane sugar, light brown sugar, molasses, salt, ascorbic acid, cellulase, water, canola oil, extra virgin olive oil, and yeast

While the dough is gluten-free, our current kitchen operations cannot guarantee that each hand-tossed pizza will not come in contact with trace amounts of gluten. Therefore, we can only recommend our gluten-free pizza to those with milder gluten sensitivities, and not for those who have been diagnosed with celiac disease.

We look forward to hearing what you think of our new gluten-free dough. Let us know!


6 thoughts on “Gluten-free pizza just got a whole lot more delicious

  1. My wife and I, visiting our friends Paul and Angela in Portland, had your gluten-free pizza. It was OUTSTANDING. Seriously. I don’t use the word lightly. I’m a pizza freak who has been hit with gluten intolerance. ALAS! I would kill for the recipe for the crust. Ok, maybe not kill, but….please? I SWEAR I will not start an east coast restaurant chain that steals your genius and makes it into a frozen food line.



  2. Wondering if you have the nutritional value of the gluten free crust. My son has a rare metabolic disorder and can’t process a lot of protein. Thanks!

  3. So sad that this is not safe for people with Celiac disease. After all the effort you put in to making it 100% gluten free, what is the barrier to making it Celiac safe?

  4. Hi Jill, there are definitely some celiacs who do choose to eat our pizza made with gluten-free dough, despite our disclaimer. We simply do not recommend it, and we choose to be very upfront and transparent about the fact that many of our units do not have the space to allow for separate, confined, gluten-free areas or separate ovens. As such, as in any pizzeria where dough is tossed manually, there will always be airborne flour. While we do take as many precautions as are possible to minimize any cross contamination, we will simply never be able to guarantee that these pies will not contain trace amounts of gluten.
    We hope this helps to explain the language in our GF disclaimer.
    Thank you!

  5. I have stuffed chicken breast before, with feta cheese and arugula or something like this. And my Family was indeed impressed 😉 The Caprese combo sounds pretty amazing!

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