Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Harmed Brothers’ FREE 2-Night Residency at OTTO

As part of OTTO’s month-long 5-year anniversary celebration, Oregon’s The Harmed Brothers will be bringing their indie-grass shenanigans to our 574 Congress Street location Friday, June 20 through Saturday, June 21.

1450Each night the music will crank up at 9:30pm. There is no charge (suggested band donation $5-10).

This acclaimed group from the left coast don’t make it around these parts too often, so we’d like to make sure you know exactly what you’d be missing if you made other plans this weekend:

“The fact that The Harmed Brothers haven’t achieved the popularity of, say, The Avett Brothers or The Lumineers remains as baffling as it is frustrating.” – Country Standard Time

“Fans of the Avett Brothers will instantly fall in love with this album and have a new favorite group.” – Performer Magazine

“Fans of Uncle Tupelo and Avett Brothers, pull up a chair and sit a spell.” – The Big Takeover

“Melding indie rock fervor with the intricate fretwork of bluegrass, the band steer their way through both genres without slowing and manage to come out on the other side with something unique and wholly their own.” – Beats Per Minute

“This excellent four-piece band is blessed with two vocalists just about as good as any band in roots music can boast of, and with perfect harmonies to match.” – American Roots UK

“The Harmed Brothers embrace conviction much like a young Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar once did.” – Akron Beacon-Journal

“With blissful harmonies and shuffling banjos and guitars, the Harmed Brothers are creating some unique jams.” – Magnet

“The heartbreaking, fearless tenacity and swagger of Vietti’s vocals and guitar paired with Salcido’s wide ranging harmonies and banjo picking, hint toward a very promising group of young impassioned storytellers, as well as stellar performers.” – Relix


Why Does The Time And Temperature Building Say ‘EAT OTTO’?

Otto 2It’s a bird… It’s a plane…It’s “EAT OTTO” on the Time & Temp building sign! In keeping with OTTO’s 5-year tradition of assisting those in need in our communities, OTTO collaborated with The Law Offices of Joe Bornstein to donate 50 pizzas to Preble Street Resource Center. On our birthday, OTTO wants to remind people how important it is to give back to the communities we love.

Via The Law Offices of Joe Bornstein:

Joe is happy to spread the word about both OTTO and Preble Street and hopes that the 50 pizzas are thoroughly enjoyed. It’s times like these when Joe loves being from Portland.

A huge thanks to Joe & Co. and Preble Street for doing so much to make Portland great.


The Harmed Brothers LIVE at OTTO Friday 6/20 & Saturday 6/21- FREE!

To cap off our birthday month, an OTTO fave from Oregon, The Harmed Brothers will be doing a two-night residency at our 574 Congress Street dining room. This delightful mix of soulful harmonies and heart-string-plucking guitar & banjo, is not to be missed. They’ll be blasting upbeat “indie-grass” beats all night long. For the love of pizza, come out and celebrate!

Friday June 20 & Saturday June 21, 9:30PM. FREE!