Pizza-Craving Zombies To Launch Delicious Attacks On Cambridge & Portland This Weekend

zombie“Maaaaashed Potaaaaaatoes…” “Craaaanberries…”

These are the cries of the undead as they wake from a long sleep with a insatiable craving for OTTO in Harvard Square and on Congress Street in Portland this weekend.

Join us, one and all — zombies of all ages — as we walk, lunge, and crawl from crypt to crust. Each participating zombie will receive a free slice upon reaching the feeding ground. There will be giveaways: OTTO t-shirts, OTTO tattoos, and more.

Cambridge – Harvard Square, Saturday 10/26 @ 3pm
Start: Old Burying Ground
The crawl will snake around Harvard Square, ending up at OTTO.

Portland – OTTO (Munjoy Hill), Sunday 10/27 @4:30pm
Start: OTTO @ 225 Congress Street (directly across from Eastern Cemetery)
The crawl will follow Congress Street, ending up at OTTO’s Arts District location @ 574 Congress Street.

Come in costume. We will have some spare makeup on hand if needed.

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