The Verdict on OTTO’s Gluten-free Crust

Since we launched gluten-free crust on Feb. 28, many people have asked, “How is it?”

glutenfree3We tend to have high standards regarding the food we serve, but we figure the best critics are our guests, especially those who are either already big fans of OTTO, or who are gluten-sensitive and familiar with what’s available in the marketplace.

A few comments from those who have tried OTTO’s new gluten-free crust option:

“The crust was buttery and crunchy! My room mate even said if I hadn’t told her the crust was gluten-free she wouldn’t have even known… I ate four whole slices and didn’t get a stomach ache!…Thumbs up for OTTO’s gluten free pizza!” – Gluten Free Babe (blog)

“Probably the best gluten free crust I’ve had.” – Facebook fan

“It was awesome, thank you so so so so much for getting GF pizza dough!!! I’d say it was actually the best GF pizza i’ve had so far.” – Facebook fan

Come to any of our locations and try our gluten-free crust. We’re pretty excited about it, and we’re always looking for feedback. Our goal is to provide the best pizza for gluten-sensitive diners in all of New England (and beyond!), and your reviews will help us ensure that we meet our goal.

Happy eating!

2 thoughts on “The Verdict on OTTO’s Gluten-free Crust

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