Now Serving: OTTO Ale by Magic Hat Brewery

OTTO is proud to begin serving OTTO Ale, a medium bodied golden beer produced by our friends at Magic Hat. The brew is an all-barley malt ale made with the German Hallertau hop – known for its fruity and mildly spicy character.OTTO Ale

OTTO serves wine and alcohol in all locations except for our Harvard Square slice shop. (Beer and wine sales at our BU location are imminent!)

OTTO Ale will be available for a limited time and availability may vary, so ask for it by name and give it a try while you can. It goes down great with a mashed potato, bacon, and scallion pie.

OTTO Ale is a great reason for guests to pay a visit to our new 574 Congress Street expansion in Portland, which sports a beautiful, spacious, but cozy bar crafted from salvaged wood. It will soon be a great opportunity for Bostonians to break in the taps at our BU location.

At OTTO, we pride ourselves on being the prime destination for discerning New England pizza aficionados. We also happen to think OTTO makes for a pretty great bar.

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