Pizza In Music: From The Classics to The Inexplicable

Perhaps more than any other food item, pizza has found its way into they lyrics of countless songs. Sometimes, pizza serves to elicit a sensory response — to bring a setting to life. In this way, pizza is poetry. Other times, pizza serves as the entire reason for the song’s existence. (Some bands really, really like pizza.)

Whether it’s an elegant staple of Italian dining, or a raucous celebration of everyone’s favorite party food, the consensus is unanimous: pizza is awesome.

We have selected a wide array of pizza songs for your your enjoyment. A few of these are transcendent. One or two of them will never be forgotten. And several of them are simply inexplicable.

Feel free to add your entries in the comments section.

“That’s Amore” – Dean Martin

“The Pizza Song” – Bouncing Souls

“Eat To The Beat” – Blondie

“Pizza Day” – Jonathan Coulton

“Pizza Pie” – System of a Down

“Krusty Krab Pizza” – SpongeBob SquarePants

“Pizza Nif” – Horse The Band

“Pizza Song” – Brak (Space Ghost)

“Pizza Girl” – Jonas Brothers

“Imagine (There’s No Pizza)” – Herman Cain

“Gimme Pizza” – Olsen Twins

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